2013-10-23 18:35:13 +0100

Stop writing tutorials - start writing Vagrantfiles or Dockerfiles

Make use of modern tools to make tutorials understandable as well as executable

2013-10-11 09:35:13 +0100

The missing piece: Operating Systems for web scale Cloud Apps

Operating systems that are optimised for cloud applications regarding configuration support and the distributed nature of apps are not there yet.

2013-04-11 17:35:13 +0100

There will be no reliable cloud (part 3)

How I stopped worrying and love the cloud

2013-04-09 10:35:13 +0100

There will be no reliable cloud (part 2)

Complexity and scale lead to a system design that can only be unreliable at the infrastructure layer

2013-04-03 12:45:13 +0100

There will be no reliable cloud (part 1)

Stop wasting your time trying to find one. Stop wasting your time (and money) trying to build one.

2012-12-01 15:45:13 +0100

Deploying a multi node setup of OpenStack Folsom on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS with one command

A guide to show how to deploy OpenStack Folsom with Chef and Vagrant

2012-11-07 08:37:13 +0100

Things to OmniFocus

How to migrate your tasks and projects from Things to OmniFocus

2012-11-06 08:17:28 +0100

Status of the SmartOS OpenStack Port

Update on the current status of the SmartOS port

2012-10-25 08:15:24 +0100

The fear of OpenStack fragmentation and the holy grail of cloud

To fight fragmentation the OpenStack foundation - not vendors - needs to step up and provide an interop certification framework

2012-10-05 07:53:37 +0100

Nuking a big cluster with PXE boot, DBAN and Crowbar

Cleaning up a test install is easy using DBAN, PXE boot and Crowbar. This post shows how to set up a cluster wide hard drive wipe

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